San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby Club




Thank you for helping to support the San Diego Surfers Women’s Rugby Club! We really appreciate you!

Here is a breakdown of costs per season. A little amount goes a long way for the players, and  gives them more time to focus on getting Ws.

1. Each season, player dues are around $250 (not counting the cost of flights) - A donation of $20/month for one year, or a one-time donation of $250, would cover season dues for a Surfers player.

2. Between refs, trainers, and field expenses, our fall season costs over $3000. Eight people committing to a monthly donation of $30 for a year would cover the fall season!

3. WPL Nationals is the Surfers largest expense, and costs $7000. Twenty people donating $30/month for one year would cover Nationals.


2021-2022 is a unique year, as we have DI and WPL seasons in both fall and spring, plus 2022 summer 7s (five total seasons). Any donations you can provide will be very appreciated!


Please direct donation questions to: Maggie Reichard (Treasurer)

Maggie Reichard


Phone: 704-699-7103